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Closing the Bones

A Grounding Ceremony


Closing the Bones is a postnatal ritual originating from Ecuador and other regions of Central and South America. Its tradition comes from the support to women's recovery after childbirth through a combination of massage and binding techniques.



- Oil Massage: The ceremony begins with a gentle, nourishing oil massage of the abdomen.

- Rebozo Scarf: A Mexican scarf known as a rebozo is used to rock, bind, and close the pelvis. This helps to create a feeling of being held and supported.



- In South America, this ceremony is  traditionally performed within hours of birth.

- This beautiful practise has been shared  and adopted in the west. It is usually offered a few weeks postpartum but can be performed at any time, even years after childbirth. However, research into traditional postpartum culture in the west shows of similar traditions to postnatal massage and binding did exist but over time this has been lost and replaced by the modern medical approach and interventions. 



- Physical Recovery: Aids in the physical healing process post-birth.

- Emotional Support: Provides emotional closure and a sense of peace.

- Energetic Healing: Incorporates elements that support the mother’s energetic recovery.

- Rites of Passage: Honours the woman’s transition into motherhood, marking it as a significant life passage.



- While primarily used postnatally, the ceremony can be adapted for use at any point in life to mark the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another.



Participants often report a profound sense of being protected, held, and safe, experiencing a return to their bodies and a feeling of coming home.

Rain Flowers


It is like a gentle loving hug.
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