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Aromatherapy &
Flower Essence Massage

Scents of Wellbeing

Lotuswei oil blends are specifically chosen for the massage treatments as they carry and even higher level of healing frequency than what I have come across before. LOTUSWEI's uniqueness is to captures the Flower's vibrational Essence, bottle it up and then synergised together with carefully selected essential oils.

Each blend holds a different vibrational frequency and carries a signature scent to complement and support the emotional and physical wellbeing of the client. 


This is a hands-on massage treatment that will leave the person feeling relaxed, renewed and revived.


Just by having a few regular treatments can make an enormous difference to the client's mental health and wellbeing


Aromatherapy Massage is known to alleviate tension headaches - muscular tension - reduces stress - induces sleep - anxiety - promotes relaxation - increases blood circulation - boosts energy levels - strengthens immune system

and most importantly leaves with a sense of balance and inner calm.


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