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My little studio in Sunbury, Surrey, England

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Choosing a treatment

Whether your treatments are needed for physical ailments or in need of some inner balance and restoration, I will specifically tailor the session that is best suited to your specific needs. An initial phone call may be require in order to make sure that I can provide what you are looking for. This is usually done prior to meeting with a first time client. If you are a returning client we will have a quick catch up consultation to see how you are on the day. ​Make sure you are dressed in comfortable clothing and footwear and not your best silks as the oils may transfer onto the fabric. ​Do bring a bottle of water.

Who do I Treat

Women and men by referal only.

  • Children 17 and Under - Must be accompanied by a parent/carer

  • I have experience with Adults and Children with Special Needs. An informal chat prior to treatment is advised. 

  • Depending on availability the locations may vary. This will be agreed upon the time of appointment confirmation.



Reiki, Aromatherapy or any other alternative therapy does not replace treatment of illness or other conditions  but must be sought from a licensed health care provider i.e. GP. My treatments offered will complement most medical/ allopathic, natural and alternative therapies but clearance from your practitioner may be requested if you are under Medical supervision. 
My work does not claim to cure or diagnose. If you are unsure seek advice from your GP or other specialised professional body.​Late arrival for any treatment booked will receive the remaining time of their appointment. The full amount will be charged for the booked session.

Health and Hygiene Practise and Standards

As Therapists, hygiene is paramount and practised with great care and attention to detail. All towels, sheets, coverings are changed, floors are washed, equipment disposed, changed or washed and rooms are aired out between clients. ( This is normal standard practise)   It is advisable to have a some time out and schedule in some "me-time" after your session to get the most out of your treatment. You've earned it! ​ For Treatments: If you are feeling unwell in any way we ask you to re-schedule your appointment asap. We require a 48 hour cancellation notice or a fee may be charged.   We understand that we can not plan for these things which makes it even more important to keep good communication between therapist and client to support each other.  ​ Thank you for your cooperation and support. ​ ​

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