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A big welcome.

This is a space where Ann brought together all the healing modalities she has learned

over the years and can now be found under one roof.

Each skill is inspired and has transcended the essence of nature and its natural wonders

that when applied to the body it flows through into our wellbeing.

Her passion and focus lie in the coexistence and close relationship she has with nature and is fascinated by the healing power of nature through plants, flowers and scent. Knowing and sensing that the plant world communicates on another vibrational plane, a curiosity to connect with this energy has led her to a phase of learning and working with the subtle yet powerful energies of flower essences

through the works of Lotuswei.

​Reiki is an important and integral part of Ann’s life, and the flow of Reiki can be felt through much of her work. Her Reiki journey began in 2014 and she has been offering Reiki to clients ever since. In 2018 Ann went to Sweden to be initiated as a Reiki Master/Teacher by Kajsa Krishni. Reiki is a practise which is passed on in an oral tradition form from Master/Sensei to Student. When we get initiated into Reiki, we to learn how to connect and harness the energetic life force called Qi that exists in all living things. This energy is also known as Prana or Vital Energy. With this energy we can give healing to ourselves and give/send healing to other living things. Reiki is also a little bit like carrying a first aid kit in your hands.

Along with Reiki, Ann is also a qualified Aromatherapist and Swedish Massage, Cacao Facilitator, Energy Healer and her most recent acquisition is becoming a Doula.

Her approach is to work intuitively with the client and tapping into the energetic communication of the body’s self-expression so that the best suited healing modalities can be applied to support the client, physically and emotionally to make room for a spiritual connection to take place. This gives room for our Soul’s embodiment into our physical body, so we become fully aligned into perfect homeostasis

and live life through greater grace and ease.


Knowledge has a beginning but no end.

- Geeta Iyengar

Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy - VTCT Qualification (Level 3)

A Reiki Master/ Teacher (Level III)

Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage Certified Practitioner

Spiritual Healing Certified Practitioner

A CNHC Accredited Practitioner in Aromatherapy and Reiki

Accredited Reiki Practitioner & Member of The Reiki Association

AromaTouch® Technique | dōTERRA Certified Practitioner

Counselling Skills - Level 2 Certification

Continuum Doulas  - Certification (2023)

Under mentorship with DoulaUK (2024 - ) 

Closing the Bones Ceremony - Certified Practitioner


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